Vertical Reference ADS-C132-1A

ADS-C132-1A    [Analog]

Small and compact, this single axis vertical reference outputs a voltage proportional to the current elevation angle of the sensor. The internal gyro ensures the signal remains accurate while the sensor is in motion.
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Vertical Reference VRS-S132-1AD

VRS-S132-1AD    [Digital & Analog]

The VRS-S132-1AD provides a digital RS-232 output along with analog data. A triaxial accelerometer is used rather than pendulums for a wider vertical reference sensing range.
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Vertical Reference VRS-E132-1AD

VRS-E132-1AD    [Digital & Analog]

The VRS-E132-1AD is equipped with a gyro and 3 axes of acceleration. It can provide both analog and digital vertical reference data.
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Vertical Reference ADS-C232-1A

ADS-C232-1A    [Analog]

This sensor is able to detect attitude along two axes, bank and elevation. If your application involves precisely leveling a platform or vehicle, a Watson dual-axis vertical reference is ideal.
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Vertical Reference VRS-S232-1AD

VRS-S232-1AD    [Digital & Analog]

A digital version of the Watson two-axis angle displacement sensor (ADS), the VRS-S232-1AD outputs reliable bank and elevation attitude data.
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Vertical Reference VRS-E232-1AD

VRS-E232-1AD    [Digital & Analog]

The VRS-E232-1AD is a digital vertical reference that can serve as a functional replacement for a mechanical vertical gyro. This sensor uses our most accurate gyro to provide precise level data even while moving.
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