Angular Rate Sensor ARS-C132-1A

ARS Angular Rate Sensors

The ARS is our baseline gyro model. This angular rate sensor is small, low power, and high reliability. Rate ranges of up to 300° per second are supported.
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Professional Rate Gyroscope - Pro Gyro®

Professional Grade Gyros

The Watson Pro Gyro® rate sensor is ideal for professional level testing and instrumentation. The Pro Gyro® offers excellect specifications for stability, vibration rejection, and acceleration insensitivity. This rate gyroscope has a wide allowable range for input power, and offers rate ranges up to 475° per second.
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Military Grade Gyro - MaxGyro™

Military Grade Gyros

Watson MaxGyro™ gyroscopes offer exceptional performance in bias over the full temperature range, warmup drift, and signal noise. These gyros are extremely reliable. Standard rate ranges of up to 200° per second are available.
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Triaxial Rate Gyro - ARS-C332


This angular rate gyro package contains three Watson ARS gyro sensors. The ARS-C332 is an analog gyro package that gives an output voltage proportional to the rate or turn along its sensitive axis. The triaxial configuration allows measurement of roll, pitch, and yaw rate simultaneously.
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Triaxial Rate Gyro - ARS-E332


The ARS-E332 series of triaxial rate sensors uses enhanced specification gyroscopes. This enables the ARS-E332 sensor to improve on the specs of the ARS-C332 for resolution, scale factor accuracy, bias over temperature range and more.
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