VSG Gyros


Watson Industries was the U.S. distributor for the British Aerospace VSG gyro. BAE discontinued the product line in early 2008. Our stock of new BAE VSGs is now exhausted. This prompted the discontinuation of the product line. Watson Industries has designed the Pro Gyro® to be a replacement for the VSG.
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Inertial Measurement Unit


The Watson IMU-E604 featured triaxial rate gyros, accelerometers, and a three-axis fluxgate magnetometer. Since the sensor was typically used for ground-based applications, the GPS Aided Watson inertial measurement units have replaced the functions of the IMU.
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Watson Industries, Ltd Unit

Watson Industries, Ltd. Products

Watson Industries, Inc. has taken over production and support for Watson Industries, Ltd. (WIL). We can manufacture WIL products; However, many of our sensors can substitute for WIL sensors.

Below is a list of some WIL sensors and their closest matching Watson sensor. If you have any questions about finding a matching sensor, just call us or send us an email.

WIL Part No.Watson Part No.
IMS-LTDIMU-E604 (legacy) - DMS-EGP02 recommended
VRU-LTD 2004VRS-E232-1AD/279
VRU-LTD 2005VRS-S232-1AD/275
VSG-LTDPro Gyro® Series


Here you will find information on Watson Industries' discontinued products. This portion of the website is part of our continuing commitment to customer support. If you have any questions concerning a product that has been discontinued, feel free to call us or send us an email.

Watson Industries, Ltd.

Our European office is closed. All customers can get support through Watson Industries, Inc. in the US. The Watson, Ltd. product line has been discontinued, however many of the products have a suitable Watson, Inc. replacement. If not, Watson can manufacture a custom product to match the performance specs of your Watson, Ltd. product.

VSG Repair Capabilities

As the US distributor for the VSG before it was discontinued, Watson Industries has the expertise needed to repair and calibrate your gyro. If you use VSG gyros as a sensor or in an instrumentation package that needs repair, contact Watson Industries.