New Products!

Inertial Measurement Unit DMS-SGP22


The DMS-SGP22 is our newest GPS-based inertial gyro sensor. This heading reference device all the capabilities of the DMS-SGP02, but also has the ability to log data via USB to a memory device.
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GPS Compass Magnetometer GCM-360


Featuring dual antenna GPS and a fluxgate magnetometer, the GCM-360 is the ideal tool for mapping local magnetic fields and geological surveys.
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Useful Designs

Watson Industries is beginning a new feature on its website called Useful Designs. Interesting electronic designs will be posted to the site and also can be sent to you directly by email. This first design in this series is Pulse Encoder to Analog Voltage Circuit.

Product Finder

Have Watson Industries search for a product for you! Try out our new product finder. All the Watson sensors available on the website are searchable by function or by application. Give it a try and send us some feedback.

Attitude & Heading Reference - AHRS


Watson manufactures Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) that are accurate enough to be used in aerobatic aircraft. Watson Industries has two lines of attitude reference sensors.
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Inertial Measurement


Inertial Measurement Sensors are used in a wide variety of applications. Watson Industries has several product lines including GPS-aided inertial gyro systems.
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Angular Rate Gyros


Watson Industries has two lines of rate gyros to meet the requirements of your applications. The Pro Gyro® features a wide maximum rate sensing range and a generous input voltage range. The MaxGyro™ angular rate sensors have lower bias, drift, and noise characteristics.
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Vertical Reference


Vertical Reference Sensors contain gyros and accelerometers that are used to stabilize vehicles and other platforms, such as cameras or antennas. Watson Industries manufactures both analog and digital vertical references.
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ProAccel® Accelerometer


The Watson ProAccel® contains a high accuracy three axis accelerometer that operates over a wide range of temperatures and input voltages. The ProAccel® is available in a variety of sensing ranges.
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Strapdown Heading Reference


Often used in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), Watson Industries SHR sensors provide a stable and accurate heading reference without using GPS. We have three lines of SHR sensors, including gyro-stabilized models.
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